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Will BL

Will's Portfolio

I'm a capable Java developer, with experience in Kotlin too. My particular expertise is in the Fabric Minecraft modding toolchain (and forks of it), and I am also capable with Neoforge.

I have a particular interest in creating robust and flexible systems, allowing you to create a bug-free and fun experience tailored to your precise changing needs at any moment.

Bringing Experiences to Life

I have multiple years of experience creating entertaining experiences for multiplayer events. Many of the resulting YouTube videos have gained over ten million views.

I'm particularly proud of the lava rising event in this video. The air is foggy and red, ash falls from the sky, and rising lava stretches to the horizon. Later in the video, the extinction event includes a meteor slowly increasing in size in the sky as it gets closer to impact, while small meteorites fall around players.
I created multiple unique zombie mobs for this video. Some of them could break blocks to get to their targets, some could bomb players, and some could Riptide with tridents.
Players killed by zombies became zombies themselves, keeping their skins but losing their agency.
I'm very proud of Elysium. The visual effects of the lasers, the physics of the repulsors, the feel of the handheld flamethrower... Do check out the full video if you have time :)

Administrative Tools

I believe polish isn't just for the side of the project the viewers see - every part of the software should be beautiful.

A 'debug window' within Minecraft allowing the user to modify various 'game phase' settings.
Component Inspector, an extensible imgui-based administration and debug tool. Shown here, it has been extended with support for CivCore, a mod used in many of the "100 Players" videos above.
A cylindrical region in Minecraft visualised with particles.
A modification to Nucleoid's Leukocyte adding cylindrical regions, as well as a way for admins to visualise regions with a command. I am a big believer in keeping things server-side if possible, while still creating a beautiful UX.

Check out my code

I have an extensive array of open-source code out there - here are a few highlights.

My more ambitious mod, currently undergoing a rewrite with lessons learned in code quality over the years. Haema is a mod which adds vampires, vampire hunters, and related content to the game. In this rewrite you can see my modular, insular approach to mod making, along with my obsession with configurability, and my love of DFU Codecs.
Though I haven't touched this in a while, it remains my most popular mod. Big Buckets adds upgradable buckets, with full support for draining and filling fluid containers from other mods. It supports both Forge and Fabric.


I've given a few talks about writing code and crafting experiences - check them out!

In this talk, I talk about how mods should interact with each other, and the best ways to make that happen.
not yet uploaded :(
In this talk, me and Amy discuss best practices and lessons learned in making mods for large multiplayer events.