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I make things. Maybe you'll enjoy some of them?

About Me

Hi! I make things, usually with code. You can see a small selection of things I've made down below. I do most of my programming for game modding, though I have a few non-modding projects too. The more interesting ones can be seen below :) My favourite language is Kotlin, and I am also proficient in Java, JS, and a few others.
I also often write posts on Dev, such as about making a vaccine bot for Discord or how to build a tiny JSON parser - check them out!

My Projects

Here's a collection of the things I've made or been involved in.

Modding Projects

Projects about game modification, particularly Minecraft.

Haema logo

Owner, Developer

A popular Minecraft Fabric mod, letting you play as a vampire! Contains many cross-mod interactions.

kotlin java fabric
QSL logo

Quilt Standard Libraries
Entity and Command library team member

The Quilt project is an open-source, community-driven modding toolchain designed primarily for Minecraft. The Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL) are a library of modules that provide extra APIs for modders to use when creating their mods.

Minecraft Cursed Legacy logo

Cursed Legacy API
Development and Triage team member

An effort to create an API for a decade-old version of a game using modern modding technologies. Challenges included having to reverse-engineer and create deobfuscation mappings for obfuscated code, and modifying the game's code with a tool for injecting code into methods on the JVM at runtime.

java fabric
Big Buckets logo

Big Buckets
Owner, Developer

My most popular project, with over 900000 downloads - a Minecraft Forge and Fabric mod adding upgradable buckets, to make fluid storage and conveyance easier.

java forge fabric

Web Projects

Projects involving web technologies.

Scansioniser screenshot

The Scansioniser
Owner, Developer

A program to perform scansion on Latin poetry - determining and marking out the correct syllable stresses and vowel lengths.

kotlin react

Personal Website
Owner, Developer

The website you're looking at right now. Made with Jekyll and Tailwind CSS, with content generated from data defined in JSON.

html jekyll

Other Projects

Some other interesting stuff I've done.

RaycastEngine logo

Owner, Developer

A game engine with Wolfenstein3D-style rendering, using modern OpenGL. Includes networked multiplayer, quadtree-based collision detection, and loading of custom levels, textures, and game objects from files. Made to be lightweight, data-driven, and modular.

kotlin lwjgl