Will BL Developer Sometimes I make things.

About Me

Hi! I sometimes make things, usually with code. You can see a small selection down below. I also often participate in Ludum Dares, and sometimes other game jams (if I remember when they happen!)

My Projects

Here's a collection of the things I've made or been involved in.

Big Buckets logo

Big Buckets
Owner, Developer

An MC Forge and Fabric mod adding upgradable buckets.

java forge fabric
RaycastEngine logo

Owner, Developer

A game engine with Wolfenstein3D-style rendering. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

kotlin lwjgl
Essential Features logo

Essential Features
Owner, Main Programmer

An MC Forge mod adding various assorted features.

java forge
Unity3D logo

Owner, Main Programmer

A Unity Script that allows for customisable and realistic destruction of objects.

C# unity